Golden Rule Leadership

Golden Rule Leadership
Penulis: Gordon Ferguson
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This book brings to mind the NIV rendering of Proverbs 25:11: "A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver." Gordon Ferguson and Wyndham Shaw have written an "aptly spoken word" on leadership in the International Churches of Christ. This a "must read" book for every leader (especially those at a staff level), every long-time member and every interested former member or critic. This book is not merely an abstract exposition of leadership concepts; it is a frank discussion of leadership practices within the International Churches of Christ, with a look at both the past, present and future. Practices and the underlying principles behind them are held up to the light of Scripture and end result. As Al Baird says in the foreword: Their book is not based on some ideas they think might work. They have been on the front lines of leadership for more than two decades and have learned valuable lessons through prayer and searching the Scriptures, through trial and error, through the school of hard knocks. (p. 9) Yet, this book is not primarily for members or "followers." This book is written to leaders by leaders. The aim of discussing current leadership practices is not to attack them (and leaders who use them), but simply to ask two important questions of them: are these practices more worldly or Biblical, and do these bring lasting good fruit or not?

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